Position of Pastor
Springfield Baptist Church
Pastoral Search Committee
Post Office Box 16178
Greenville, SC  29606
About Springfield Baptist Church:
Springfield Baptist Church has a long and proud legacy of spiritual leadership, social actions and active community engagements. A pillar of the African American community, Springfield is the oldest historic black Baptist church in the heart of downtown Greenville.
Our Vision statement:
The Springfield Baptist Church is a Christ-centered congregation moving forward to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will give Service to all people, leading them to a closer personal relationship with Christ.
Our Mission statement:
In the 21stCentury Springfield Baptist Church will provide Leadership to advance the spiritual development of its members and lead unsaved/un-churched souls to Christ through outreach Ministries.
Position Description: 
Springfield Baptist Church is seeking to call a Pastor who is Christ centered, has a zeal for preaching and teaching the Word, has good communication and leadership skills, and is able to inform and inspire.


  • Fulfill the biblical qualifications of I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, and 1Peter 5:1-5.
  • Demonstrate adequate ministerial training
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of Biblical and Baptist Doctrine and practice.
  • Have ordination, and significant pastoral and preaching experience.
  • Possess the ability to preach clear, engaging, God-honoring, Gospel-centered biblical expositions with relevant application to all age groups.
  • Have a proven track record of committed, compassionate, and effective pastoral oversight.
  • Be competent in administrative, managerial, and technological skills.
  • Be a shepherd of God’s flock with a spirit of humility, compassion, wisdom, honesty, integrity, and unity as a servant-leader.
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, being able to relate to all age groups, keep confidences, and the ability to share his ministry with Associate Pastors and/or Officers as part of a ministry team.
  • Gifted in strategic planning.
  • Ability to minister to a congregation that is diverse in age, ethnicity, spiritual maturity, education, financial position, and worship-style preference.
  • Understanding of group dynamics, effective consensus building and decision-making.
  • Ability to communicate persuasively and compassionately both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to supervise pastoral staff and understand, motivate, and support ministry leaders


  • Preach God’s Word at worship services and special events of the church.
  • Model and encourage prayer in the flock and oversee scheduled prayer meetings of the church and any called for special           occasions, needs, and circumstances.
  • Model and encourage praise and worship
  • Administer the ceremonies and biblical ordinances of the church.
  • Provide personal, pre-marital, marital, crisis and conflict resolution counseling in a safe and non-compromising setting, being aware of limitations and referring to professionals when necessary.
  • Work with officers and congregants to identify, develop, and organize ministry opportunities for edification and outreach and to build community within the church.
  • Identify, motivate, mentor, equip, train, and oversee officers, staff, and volunteers for ministry in the church.
  • Provide, facilitate, and organize pastoral care for all within the church.
  • Develop worship services that speak to members and attendees of diverse ages and levels of spiritual maturity.
  • Represent the church in the community
  • And any other responsibilities that are deemed necessary by the church conference.


  • Master of Divinity or equivalent from an accredited institution (preferred)
  • Ordained Minister of the Gospel
  • On-going professional development
Opening Date: April 15, 2019
Closing Date: June 15, 2019
How to apply:
Qualified and interested persons may send resumes to the Pastoral Search Committee, Springfield Baptist Church, Post Office Box 16178, Greenville, SC, 29606 before or on closing date.  Notice of receipt of resume will be sent to you by the Pastoral Search Committee. 

For strict confidentiality and timely consideration in the review process, your resume must be mailed to the     P.O. Box given above.