Our College Ministry

The college ministry of Springfield Baptist Church encourages academic achievements and successful college experiences through spiritual guidance, financial contributions and Christian fellowship among local college students.

Our College Ministry offers three scholarships:

A. J. Whittenberg Scholarship: Internal Scholarship
Maintain contact with Springfield’s college students
Promote fellowship among our college students
Encourage and assist students in personal and professional endeavors
Provide an annual scholarship program for students who show academic achievement and need.
A. J. Whittenberg Community Scholarship: Greenville County Scholarship
Promote the educational achievements at the college level of students residing in the Greenville communities.
Support the talent, abilities, and educational goals of local college students needing financial assistance.
Foster goodwill and Christian leadership among citizens of Greenville County.
Lillie Cunningham Holland Education Scholarship: Internal Scholarship for a Single-Parent Household
Award scholarship to a college enrollee that has maintained good grades.
Recognize and acknowledge academic achievement.
Address a student’s financial need.
All scholarships are awarded subject to availability of funds.
All students must apply annually in a timely manner.
Applications must be accompanied by official transcripts.
All student information is maintained in strict confidentiality.
For further information, and specific criteria please contact Springfield Baptist Church office.